Co-existing without conflict in a co-working environment

Co-working is an excellent option for anyone wanting to share office space with other creative, intelligent start-ups or entrepreneurs. There are major advantages of this style of working and the collaborative communities created are always a huge benefit to everyone involved.

What we don’t always hear about when discussing co-working is the inevitable; the conflict that can arise when working within close proximity to others and sharing communal spaces. To ensure that you always foster a positive co-working environment here are 4 ways you can avoid causing conflict and maintain a peaceful, pleasant and productive work space:

Keep it Tidy

Whether it’s your desk, boardroom, conference room or common areas, if you clean up after yourself you’ll set a precedent that others will hopefully follow. A tidy office always makes a good impression and if you keep your space the way you’d expect others too, you’ll create a mutual respect.

Watch your volume

Loud phone conversations, bashing the keys of your laptop or chatting endlessly to other co-workers may become unbearable for those in your shared space. If you keep your voice down and don’t interfere with those who are working you’ll encourage others to do the same.

Manage Expectations

If you have chosen to work on a project with others in the same co-working space ensure that everyone’s expectations are the same. From meeting deadlines to communicating changes and problems, it’s important to be considerate of the others in your co-working team and to ensure that should the project end up being less than successful, everyone can remain cordial and that relationships within the collective are not harmed.

Don’t abuse kindness

Borrowing someone’s charger with their permission is one thing, taking it home because you’ve lost yours is another. There should be very clear boundaries within co-working spaces and often it’s up to you to set and observe them.

The key to harmonious co-working is consideration and this can help you avoid conflict in so many ways. If you’re looking for a co-working space filled with awesome people, why not check out what we have to offer and join a network of like-minded individuals.