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Our flexible community workspace provides a great home base for any entrepreneur, professional or freelancer!

Grab a coffee with your morning skype meeting, host a client in the afternoon or attend one of our events and learn from industry veterans.
Whatever your daily movements are you'll find a welcoming & innovative space waiting for you when you need it…

Cape Town Garage Blog

How co-working can increase your productivity

The advantages of co-working are vast and various, and as a start-up one of the most important things you need to do is stay motivated. A co-working environment can be hugely beneficial in this way and it’s hard not to be energised by what’s going on around you. To encourage you to make the move […]

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Co-existing without conflict in a co-working environment

Co-working is an excellent option for anyone wanting to share office space with other creative, intelligent start-ups or entrepreneurs. There are major advantages of this style of working and the collaborative communities created are always a huge benefit to everyone involved. What we don’t always hear about when discussing co-working is the inevitable; the conflict […]

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How co-working can make you a better professional

As a start-up owner you know that the level of professionalism you project is important and can often secure you a contract or a recommendation. Professionalism however isn’t about donning a suit or about your qualifications, it’s about how you present yourself, the environment in which you are operating and the impression you make. Co-working […]

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