6 steps to choosing the right co-working space for you

By now you understand the need to join a co-working space . It offers many benefits like improved productivity and creativity, networking opportunities as well as the opportunity to collaborate and grow. How do you choose the right space for your business though? When it comes to choosing the right co-working space there are 6 things you need to take into consideration.


The culture

Some co-working hubs are better suited for different kinds of people. Some are orientated towards freelancers and creative types, others to tech startups and small businesses. Look for a culture that is similar to what you are passionate about. When you’re touring a possible space make sure to trust your intuition. Perhaps even stop to chat to one or two of the members about the people who work here.

The noise level

When you’re on a tour of a co-working space, pay attention to the vibe and the noise level. Are you someone who likes to working with some ambient noise or do you prefer dead silence? The most important thing about a co-working space is that you should be able to get things done.

The extras

Is a foosball table or smokers section important to you? Maybe kitchen space or happy-hours? When looking for the perfect space for you, be sure to look out for the perks that will improve your productivity. If you’re unsure about something, ask the coordinator about it.

The price

In an ideal world, the perfect co-working space gives you value for money. Some spaces may be more expensive than others but you have to bear in mind what that costs includes. Make sure that you calculate all the costs involved to avoid any “hidden” charges like internet, printing, coffee etc.

Room for growth

A major factor to take into consideration when choosing a new co-working space is whether or not there is room for your business to grow. Is there enough space to support your growing team? Is the contract flexible enough to ensure that there is space for new team members to come on board? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the coordinator.

Location Location Location

As previously mentioned , a major reason to consider a co-working space is that it looks more professional than coffee shops or your home office. Similarly, the co-working space you’re looking for needs to be in a great, professional location. Let the image of the location work in your favour.

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