10 ways co-working will help grow your business

There are many amazing benefits to being part of a co-working space . From cutting costs on office space to networking with like-minded people and increased productivity. Even with all the amazing benefits taken into consideration, some people tend to still see co-working as a waste of money. The one fact that you cannot deny though is that co-working helps your business grow. How though? Here are our top 10 ways on how co-working helps your business grow:

  1. People usually equate “working from home” as “I’m not doing much”. When you work from a co-working space people will start to take you and your business seriously.
  2. Stop your work-life from crossing into your personal-life. It’s easier to attain and maintain work-life balance when you “leave the office”. It’s not that easy when “leaving the office” means stepping out of your study.
  3. Reverse peer pressure is a real thing. When you see a group of people being insanely productive, you become more productive too. Co-working messes with your head in a good way.
  4. Do you have a client that needs you to handle their SEO as well but you only focus on Web design? Your co-working space should have someone who you can outsource this to. In the worst case scenario, someone in the co-working space can refer you to someone who is absolutely perfect for the job.
  5. Working at a co-working space helps you solve pesky business problems like not having an accountant or the right accounting software. How? Someone in the space will either know an affordable accountant or will be able to point you to the right piece of software to you.
  6. When you work around people who are working on awesome projects, you start to feel more excited about your own amazing projects. This is because creative energy is contagious.
  7. Co-working gives you people to bounce ideas off of. Are you not sure if your latest newsletter headline is a little too formal? Need advice on how to approach a support question? Ask the people sitting around you. They will be more than willing to help.
  8. Friday afternoon Happy Hour is a great way to de-stress after a long, hard week. Not only that but the socialisation stimulates your creative juices.
  9. Have you been day-dreaming about a side-project you’ve been wanting to launch? Now that you’re connected with all the right people at your co-working space you can make it happen.
  10. Coworkers are like your own personal cheerleading squad. They are rooting for your business to be an amazing success. They’ve also been through what you are going through so they are able to give you great advice. They are your lifesavers.

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